The Answer to Why Seth Rich was Killed, and Why He Gave Data to Wikileaks is now out

The Answer to Why Seth Rich was Killed, and Why

He Gave Data to Wikileaks

is now out

Gary Richard Arnold

Seth Rich’s​ girlfriend Claudia Kash​ Spills the Beans
The following story … seems like it
would take too many participants to be
accomplished without having leaked earlier. But as the
James O’Keefe​ videos show … some Union Leaders and

other resources of the DNC ​have the kind of ruthlessness to carry out dirty work and discipline it’s disciples into
being silent.
It has also happened the the hard Communist underground has stayed in place as a foundation for espionage
collaborator Leon Panetta​ who likely salted the personnel into both the CIA​ and Department of
Defense​ … so called Deep State​. This needs to be looked at for Trump’s​ survival.
Obama’s ​relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers​ has links to Chicago via
James Weinstein​ a Communist who put together the publication “In
These Times”​. In These Times​ is synonymous with The New
American Movement​ that is a fusion of Communists with Fabians and
Left Wing Socialists. It was Communist enforcer Hugh DeLacy​ and
James Weinstein’s​ the Good Times​ in Santa Cruz that supported
Leon Panetta’s​ political career that was simultaneously supported and
protected by the Rockefeller Family​.
Ryan Coonerty​ Santa Cruz mayor (now member of Board of
Supervisors of Santa Cruz County) was “schooled” at the Sydney
and Beatrice Webb​ founded
(Fabian Socialist London
School of Economics). The
“logo” for the Fabian Society F.S. is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Coonerty ​(left) Don Lane​ (right)
They have so much contempt and false superiority …​ and believe the
people will never figure them out. They have conned the average man.

But like Gulliver​ he is waking up.
Ryan Coonerty​ together with Supervisor Bruce McPherson​ (a recipient of thousands of dollars from the Red
Chinese) maintain two plaques honoring Communist Espionage agent Hugh DeLacy​ on Santa Cruz’s County’s
courthouse steps.
The devious Ryan Coonerty​ is part and parcel of the Marxist Resource Center for Nonviolence​ … they claim
their members are interchangeable with the War Resisters
League​. The War Resisters League​ was a front for the
Communist Party​ in Europe.

“The Resource Center​” housed in a building across from the County Government Building monitors not only the
elected officials but the Government Union and it appears to have sway over … a number of department heads.
The Resource Center​ also claimed common membership with the Fellowship for Reconciliation​. A leaflet of
the Fellowship of Reconciliation​ states:
“​Instead of attacking the Soviet Russia, we are anxious to appreciate their contribution … and build here, in this
section of the world , an order that has all the values of the one being created in the Soviet Union.”.

They are building those values through “soviets” … “regionalism” by transferring power from elected officials to
grouping like AMBAG. (The Association of Monterey Governments​).
In addition, internally inside the cities, contracts are made with ECLEI ​a front for the World Bank and United
Nations. That should be against the Logan Act. ​They use a process called “Harmonizing”. ​The Aesopian word
for a dictatorial law to be enforced everywhere. This builds world government from the bottom up.
​Julius​ and Ethel Rosenberg​ were United States citizens who were executed on June 19, 1953 after
being convicted of committing espionage for the Soviet Union.

It was Roy Cohn ​with a seemingly scurrilous background who prosecuted
the Rosenbergs. ​It is alleged that Cohn ​“clued in”
Donald Trump​ about some of the ways of Washington D. C.
Mr. Cohn ​having been at the right hand of Senator Joe McCarthy ​had
been exposed to the treachery of the worldwide Communist network and
it’s support by Central Bankers.

James Weinstein ​founded In These Times / Good Times ​… had included DeLacy. ​And The New American
Movement’s ​ takeover of Monterey Bay by the Panetta Political Machine​ apparently with the help of the Hewitt
and Packard ​Foundations..

James Weinstein​ had shuttled around Communist spy Julius Rosenberg who was
executed for passing atomic bomb information to the Soviets. The
conspirator spy friend fled to Mexico City Morton Sobell​.

Morton Sobell ​was recruited by a Soviet NKVD ​agent in 1944 and of course ​has been supported by the Blood
Sisters​ … Angela Davis, Jane Fonda​ and Yvonne Braithwaite Burke.
Gary Richard Arnold ​exposed Burke’s ​background which contributed to her defeat for Los Angeles Supervisor
in 1980. See:​

Don Lane
(Santa Cruz
mayor) gave
the key to the
city to
Davis. Don
Lane ​staffed Leon Panetta’s ​various campaigns when Panetta ​became Congressman and visiting Hugh
Remember, it was espionage collaborator Leon Panetta​ who knowingly passed on military information to Soviet /
Red Chinese enemies of America via Hugh DeLacy.

Alger Hiss ​was part of Rockefeller’s Council on
Foreign Relations ​was both a Communist Spy was the first
acting head of the United Nations.

James Weinstein​ merged undercover Communist Party​ members
with the League for Industrial Democracy ​/ Students for a

Democratic Society / SDS / (American branch of the Socialist Fabian Society).
Both funded by the World Elite / Central Bankers.

Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment
… communism is a tool for the Central Banks / International Elite to control

and cull the people.

Leon Panetta / Panettagate​ / the article at this hyperlink follows some of the Panetta’s ​treasonous connections:

The Monterey Bay Area​ has been a Rand / Tavistock​ operation. The
English TV series … The Prisoner​ based on Tavistock’s mind control
experiments … A psychological drama based in a coastal village … like
the Monterey Bay area. The major theme is individualism vs collectivism.
In Santa Cruz the conspiracy of collectivists think they won. They
betrayed their own families and neighbors for surrendering to a pecking
order. The TV drama used mind control​, knock out gas, identify theft,
dream manipulation, hallucinogenic drugs​. In The Monterey Bay area

fluoride, forced vaccination, free needle distribution, chemtrails, emotionalizing
genitalia and race reduces thinking and promotes group think.
The Monterey Bay Area​ population is almost in total (Skinner) behaviour
mode. They have little ability to think or reason … their synapses are like the
inside of a Cotton Candy Machine.
The population knows nothing about how the people are manipulated and has little interest to learn.
Marxist Don Lane​ working with Communist spy Hugh DeLacy​, according to WIkipedia “staffed the Santa Cruz
campaign Congressman Leon Panetta in 1976 and again in 1978.”
Lane​ , a United Nations lover … coordinated Sam Farr’s ​campaign in order to insert United Nations Agenda 21​.
Most of the population have no idea what the hidden contracts with ICLEI​ (the front for the UN and World Bank)

Don Lane​ as mayor in 2015 gave the key to the city of Santa Cruz to Communist, terror
supporting Angela Davis​. Ryan cut the public time to speak before the the City Council
by more than 305.

It was John Brennan​ (CIA) who voted for terror provoking
Gus Hall ​and Angela Davis​. And Obama ​also appointed
Communist collaborator Leon Panetta ​to head the CIA.

Obama’s​ CIA heads both Leon Panetta​ and John Brennan

have ties to Angeles Davis​.
Gus Hall ​Feb. 1961, Apparently, Gus Hall ​and Angeles Davis ​don’t like Christians too
Gus Hall​, American Communist Party, Funeral E. Dennis​ – “I dream of the hour when the last
Congressman is strangled to death on the guts of the last preacher—and since the Christians seem to love to sing
about blood, why not give them a little of it? Slit the throats of their children & draw them over the mourners
bench and the pulpit, & allow them to drown in their own blood, & then see whether they enjoy singing those
John Brennan​ voted for Angela Davis and Panetta’s​ key campaign manager Don Lane ​ gave Communist
Angela Davis​ a Key to the City of Santa Cruz​.

Bill Gates ​(Bilderberger) bought newspapers in the region to protect the
stealth sovietization of the communities via ECLEI​ protocols. Don Miller
editor of the Santa Cruz paper iis the present controller of propaganda. The
former editor Bruce McPherson​, now a supervisor, has worked for
Rockefeller’s Common Cause (California Forward​). McPherson​ ran
interference on Panetta’s espionage conduct so the issue never came up.

McPherson​ as editor virtually endorsed of the Panetta political machine candidates.
McPherson​ received thousands of dollars from Chinese Communist double agent Katrina Leung.
Bruce McPherson​ is known to have supported espionage agent Leon Panetta​ for his every election. And the
paper still runs puff pieces on California Forward. ​A giant lobby for the State of California
McPherson ​refuses to take down two plaques on the Courthouse steps dedicated to the Communist traitor who
can take credit for the deaths of Americans …Since and including World War II.
McPherson​ is busy with his globalists friends and dupes moving authority from elected bodies to the regional
agency AMBAG ​The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments. Appears to me as a virtual “soviet” cog
dedicated to a North American Union ​and World Government ​by the billionaires hidden in foundations behind
the scenes.
Key to this “conspiracy” is Fred Keeley ​a person ​who also worked for California Forward ​with Communist
Chinese recipient Bruce McPherson​ and which
was co-chaired by Communist collaborator Leon
Keeley​ … like most people selected by the
Rhodes Scholarship organization are bright,
smooth, arrogant and able to easily “con” the
people. Keeley​ is trained in the Delphi
Technique ​and has been at service to his masters
throughout the state of California.

Keeley ​acts like a political whip for the Panetta Machine a​ nd foundation. It was espionage college of Leon
Panetta​ who was identified as a Communist Enforcer (Hugh DeLacy​) in two legislative committees for the State
of Washington and the State of California.
The mechanism of pressure from above and pressure from below is accelerating to a overthrow if our Republic.
These people who hate the constraints of the Constitution have among their number Soros, National Endowment
for Democracy, evil sectors of the Intelligence community the CFR/T/B and the globalist foundation network.

They only get away with provable lies because of the controlled media and public schools.

​Seth Rich was responsible for an internet application that helps voters find
their polling stations.

He discovered that Hillary​ had set up bogus
polling places that were not on the official record.
Hillary​ then had DNC​ staffers merge the results
from both sets of polling places, keeping the
actual number of voters officially recorded at the
legitimate polling station the same while the
actual ballots that went to Bernie and represented
those numbers were swapped out for her.

Seth Rich​ was appalled by the corruption, and as a result, dumped to Wikileaks. This answer has been out there
since July 21 of 2016 and it rotted until it was recently discovered in a private E-mail. This was written by Claudia
Kash​, the girlfriend of Seth Rich​. She wrote this shortly after he was killed. The answer has been out there since
the beginning.
“There were two sets of polling places this primary season – one set for most of the voters, who went on state web
sites to find their polling locations, and a second set for Hillary Clinton​ supporters who looked on Hillary
Clinton’s​ website to find their polling location. The secretary of state for each state had one set of locations on
the record, the other set of locations, the ones listed on Hillary’s​ website were not on the state record. I know this
because I looked on her website to find where a friend should vote, then double checked the state website, which
showed a different address.

I thought there must be a mistake – I kept checking right up to election day. But until

they killed Seth Rich​, I couldn’t figure out why there would be two different polling places. This is how I think the
scam worked: While most voters look up their location
on their state website, voters who were signed up as Hillary Clinton ​supporters would be directed to her site to
find their polling
It was set up the same as any other DNC​ polling place – with
DNC​ volunteers, regular voting machines etc – and a duplicate
voter roster, the same as the roster at the other polling place.
Voters would be checked off on the roster, same as at the other
polling place, and after the polls closed, the DNC​ supervisor
would pick up the roster and the ballots.
The supervisor would then pick up the roster at the legitimate
polling place and the ballots there. He (or she) would then
replace a number of
Bernie Sanders​ ballots with an equal number of the ballots from the
Hillary Clinton​ voting location. Then the duplicate roster from the HRC
would be shredded and thrown away, along with all the Bernie Sanders
ballots that had been replaced. That way the number of people who voted
on the remaining roster still matches
the number of ballots. This is why so many states reported a “lower than
expected voter turnout”.

Seth Rich​, who was responsible for the app that helps voters find their polling places did not realize there were
two sets of polling places until he himself went to vote. He lived in Washington DC, which voted at the end of the
primary season, a week after Clinton​ had already been declared the winner. I believe he discovered it then and
had started asking questions about why the polling places on Hillary’s​ web site did not match the ones on the DC
web site.
But even if he didn’t say a word to anybody, it would have been dangerous to let him live. He would have figured it
out sooner or later, and he would have reported it when he did.”
Researcher Alan Donaldson’s ​comment: Let me then, fill in the blanks: Seth Rich​ DID figure out Hillary
did this, and said nothing. Instead, he did the DNC​ leaks to Wikileaks​, hopefully to bring the whole house of
cards down. The timing is so close on all of this that it can’t really be known if Seth ​was killed because he knew
Hillary’s plot​, or if he was killed because someone figured out it was him who did the leaks.

To sum this up in a short statement: Hillary​ set up duplicate polling stations, collected a second set of notes that
never showed up at the legitimate polling place, and then flipped the voter ID information at the legitimate polling
stations and swapped it out with votes from her polling stations exclusively on legitimate ballots where people
voted for Bernie Sanders​. She’d have to be mega corrupt and powerful to do this, and the DNC​ would have to be
rotten to the core, but that is probably so when the Clinton ​death machine is never forced to give answers. That
means there is serious deeply rooted corruption and dark power.
Seth Rich​ found out, was having none of it, and then died.
Hillary no doubt did this to Trump also, via people planted at key, fully compromised polling stations.
That would explain perfectly why there was a “low turnout” even though this was probably the most
heated election in American history, and it also explains why Hillary won in such a small number of
places, yet almost took the election.

Jerome Corsi Part One:​ Seth Rich

There are also questions about the interconnections between Ryan Coonerty ​and Zach Friend’s​ support of
PredPol’s ​ … candidate for sheriff John Hart.​ The data gathering ​NextDoor​ is not your friendly neighborhood

Catch an old TV edition of the Prisoner
Here’s an introduction I

It NextDoor​,​ was formed by former CIA Venture Capitalists, and “ex-members” of the Mossad and CIA.

The Panetta Machine​ isn’t ready to ROLL … But …. Ready to CULL.
Keep in mind the Georgia Guidestones​ and forced vaccines as voted for by the above.

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