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Trump Fired James Comey for Elite Pedophile Ring Coverup FBI Director firing by President Trump over pedophilia claim By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle on 11th May 2017 @ 11.29am © press Donald Trump fired James Comey as FBI Director over pedophile ring coverup Donald Trump made a surprise move this week when he fired the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, citing the reason as wanting to “restore public trust and confidence”.Comey’s firing came shortly after the FBI corrected his sworn testimony on the Hillary Clinton investigation, in which he stated that Clinton’s sidekick, Huma Abedin, had forwarded thousands of emails to her to her husband’s laptop when the emails had actually been transferred there from electronic backup devices, meaning Comey had lied under oath.Abedin’s estranged husband, disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner is currently facing trial for the creation child pornography that may well result in a lengthy prison sentence.The victim of Weiner’s child pornography case claims that Comey knew about the abuse at the time it was happening, and not only covered it up but also facilitated it to use as political leverage to further his own career.The young girl, who is now 16 years old, describes herself as a “survivor” of Elite “predatory” pedophile Weiner in an open letter she has written to the press in which she says the FBI had the power to protect her but instead chose to add to the abuse to further Comey’s agenda.Anthony Weiner’s sex crimes were discovered during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server misuse, when her aide, Huma Abedin’s phone and devices were seized, and this extended to her husband’s phone and laptop as Abedin has also used these to access emails.It was when Weiner’s devices were examined by law enforcers that the gruesome discoveries were made.The New York Police Department confirmed that the laptop contained sufficient evidence of pedophilia and proved that Clinton knew about, and covered up these crimes.The NYPD officers also found a file on the computer called “Insurance” that officers have nicknamed the Rosetta Stone due to the amount of incriminating evidence it contains for Elite pedophilia, which is thought to be Weiner’s “get out of jail card”.James Comey said the laptop had “nothing of value on it”.According to The Daily Wire: “New York Police Department detectives and sources working an underage child pornography case against Anthony Weiner confirm the laptop seized from the former congressman contains proof that Hillary Clinton knew he was engaging in a long sexual relationship with a minor but did not intervene to alert any state or federal authorities to protect the 15-year-old.Not blowing the whistle on the serial sexter allowed Weiner to keep sexting the youth via cell phone and internet chats for approximately another four more months, NYPD sources said. While Clinton was busy campaigning to be the first female US president with Weiner’s wife and aide Huma Abedin, he was at home sending the 15-year-old online porn and divulging his rape fantasies to the girl, NYPD sources said. Weiner also apparently talked on the telephone with the girl, based on intelligence gleaned from the laptop.”Is Comey’s firing due to his help in covering up for Elite pedophile networks or the fact that he’s in some way connected, or even part of, these pedophilia rings?Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a letter in which he cites Comey’s handling of the Clinton Investigation, stating that Comey shouldn’t have closed the Clinton investigation without further action: “I cannot defend the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken.”Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommended that Comey should be replaced in another letter saying that “a fresh start is needed”.Others reports claim that James Comey is not just covering for high-level pedophiles, but that he himself is part of a network of pedophilia and child trafficking, although this has not been confirmed.Crowd-souces investigations on Voat claim that the video below provides conclusive evidence for Comey’s involvement.tags: pedogate | pedophile

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