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Continuing History of the Church of God from the 1st to 21st centuries By Bob Thiel, Ph.D.


1. Two Possibilities and Seven Church Eras p. 3
2. Location of the Early Church: Jerusalem,
Pella, and Asia Minor p. 6
3. Rome, Jerusalem, and Asia Minor p. 13
4. Smyrna of Asia Minor and Polycarp p. 28
5. Apostolic Succession List in Asia Minor p. 48
6. Heretics Were Often in Rome, but Were
Denounced by Church Leaders in Asia Minor p. 50
7. Mithras’ Pontifex Maximus Constantine Led to
Other Changes p. 56
8. 1,260 Years in the Wilderness p. 60
9. The Sardis Church Era p. 76
10. Herbert W. Armstrong and the Start of the
Philadelphia Era p. 84
11. J. Tkach and the Start of the Laodicean Era p. 92
12. The Philadelphian Church and the
Global/Living/Continuing Church of God p. 94
End Note References p. 118
Website Information p. 127